Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 4, 2007: The Home Stretch

I have another 8am breakfast at The Homestead. This time, Maggy, who's on the committee and in the Department, said she would pick me up and take me to breakfast. That was very nice. And breakfast was nice, too. This time it was Ralph Granger who is the technology integration person for elementary ed (and also Department Chair for elementary ed), Dan who is the instructor for content literacy who let me teach his class the day before, and Maggy and her husband.

Though I had worked on this third presentation the night before (and for several days before that, too), it wasn't finished. So when we got back to the building, I had to scurry. I got everything up and running and was adding slides to the Keynote presentation as people were entering! Talk about cutting it close!! I started on time, but everyone had seen those last slides being created. :-)

Fortunately for me, it was an audience of people who aren't researchers, so I didn't have to get too specific about the statistics and the pure quantitative research but instead could focus on what did the research really say and what are all the fun stories that go with it. Shwew! I had fun for the third time!

I met with someone from the library who gave me the official tour of the Curriculum Center. I'd been there before, but was still oodles to learn. Then off to lunch at The Granary for one last celebratory meal. Sheena, who is on the University Culture Committee with me was having lunch at the same place so she came over and wished me luck. I think the committee was impressed that I knew someone outside of the department. :-)

Then I had to hurry back and sneak back into my own life and hurry up to teach my own classes! And suddenly, it was all over. The 48 hours flew by. I had a blast.