Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summerfest Fun

Today is Summerfest in Farmington. Maggy, Stephanie, and Margaret all met at my place and we walked into town (all .5 blocks). First stop: story telling at The Octagon House. But it wasn't any ordinary story. Jane Parker read from her newest children's book "Lily of the North" about Lillian Nordica, a famous opera singer of the 1800's/1900's who is from Farmington. 20+ years ago, UMF put on an operetta about Madame Nordica. Jane played Lillian (because she can really sing), Margaret played the Aunt, and Maggy was a dresser and helped Jane with all her costumes changes (8 of them). So today, they are reunited and we have officially kicked off our version of Summerfest which turns out to be just one big reunion…how many people can we run into that we know?

L to R: Maggy, Jane, Margaret

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