Thursday, January 27, 2011

XC x 2

I went cross country (xc) skiing again tonight! It was a balmy 23 degrees tonight . . . 4 degrees warmer than last night. There was only 1 "customer" out skiing when I arrived. The two staff members on duty were a student named Natasha and Leigh. Leigh is an amazing woman who headed up UMF's nationally famous Ski Industries program at UMF for many years. Her office is on the second floor of the Education Center with mine and I've really enjoyed getting to know her this past year.

I explained what a rookie at all of this that I was and I knew from a conversation with Leigh earlier in the week, that Natasha was a really good cross country instructor. I got my equipment and was getting ready to head out, uncertain if I was going to have the great personal service from the night before or if I was on my own. Suddenly, Leigh is by my side ready to go. Oh my goodness!! I got really good coaching last night, but tonight, I had my own private ski lessons from a gifted teacher. About every fifteen minutes as she would find a way to explain the subtleties of what I needed to do next to REALLY cross country ski (and not just "get around" on skis, or as I called it, cross country walking), I would have to stop and just say, "Leigh, as a fellow educator, I gotta tell you that you're phenomenal!" It was such a treat to be in the presence of an amazing teacher and I had to pinch myself as I realized I was having the privilege of being the student! I learned so much that night. I was able to build on the confidence and balance I had gained the night before, but I leaped forward about 9 weeks of personal coaching in this one night. I ached from using muscles that have never flexed before but I not only understood what to do, I could feel when I was doing it and when I wasn't, I knew how to correct it. Wowser, was it awesome.

Thank you, Leigh!!! Thank you UMF for arranging for this equipment loan and providing this week of free skiing and coaching!!!

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