Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cross Country Skiing

UMF is hosting a week of cross country skiing. They got a big trailer full of equipment from some association that promotes winter sports in Maine. So M, W, F they're offering cross country skiing from noon to 1:30 and M, T, W, Th they're offering it from 6 to 8pm (headlamps provided). And on M and W nights, they're offering clinics for newbies from 6 to 7.

I was aiming for the 6pm clinic tonight but didn't realize how long it would take to put on all those layers, so I didn't get there until 6:20. I was their first customer of the evening. Jim, who runs the Fitness and Recreation Center, and Lucas, a senior political science/geography major, were in the trailer just waiting for me. :-) They were both incredibly patient and they were really good teachers. They got me all outfitted with boots, skis, poles, and a headlamp. Since no one else was there, they decided to both go with me! Talk about special attention! I started out slow and uncertain and did "a lot of rookie moves" but as the time wore on, I got better and more certain. It was pretty fun!

Around 7:00, two UMF students came to ski. One of them had been there both M and T nights. I guess the temperature (18 degrees F) and the falling snow might have scared people off, but there was no wind and it was not very humid. I was appropriately layered in my clothing (on top I had silk long johns, a long sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, and a windbreaker with a hood . . . that's a lot of layers!). But I actually brought an additional layer (a big thick jacket) and didn't need it. It was quite pleasant. I was never cold.

I've only been cross country skiing one other time . . . three years ago when I first moved here, MRM took me to Titcomb. That was a fabulous introduction and tonight was a great re-introduction. Now I've gone twice and I think I'll go again tomorrow. w00t!

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