Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/2/08 Price of gas is falling

This morning I got up early to get to the dentist by 8:30. He's replacing the old silver fillings in two of my teeth that have started to go bad. On the way to the dentist, I noticed that the price of gas at the local Irving station was $3.49 a gallon. On the way back from the dentist, I was too focused on the Novocain that was wearing off and I didn't notice the price of gas. A little after 2:00, I drove by the Irving station on my way to Dixfield to teach the graduate course. The price of gas at the same Irving station was now down to $3.48 a gallon. After the graduate course, I stayed for the ribbon cutting ceremony and it was nearly 8:00pm when I drove by the same Irving station on my way home for the evening. Now the price of gas was $3.47 a gallon. I wonder if it will continue to fall.

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