Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22/08 Sunset in Belgrade

On the drive back to Farmington from Hallowell, I happened to get to Belgrade at sunset. I figured out why "The Sunset Inn" is named that . . . what a view they have from their back windows. Across the street from The Village Inn is a little parking lot and a staircase that leads down towards the water. I pulled in. Looks like there must've been a wedding there earlier today. I guess this area belongs to The Village Inn?? I took pictures quickly and tried to soak it all in before I felt compelled to leave. I think I need to plan more drives through Belgrade at sunset. PLUS, one of my faithful readers and former studnets, Marie, lives in Belgrade. I'm in trouble now for blogging about Belgrade and not stopping in to see her. ;-)

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Marie Rose said...


I'm FINALLY able to catch up on you blog! How exciting to be IN it!