Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22/08 Hallowell with Mary S.!

How fun is this?! Mary S., one of the chums, a longtime friend in Dallas, and the current tenant at my house back in Texas, was in Bangor, ME for work this weekend. She works for Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Bangor affiliate had their race and big fundraiser this weekend, so she worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, then needed to be in New Hampshire for a meeting Monday morning. So on her drive from Bangor to New Hampshire, we rendezvoused in Augusta and I took her to Hallowell. It's that quaint town that we drove through but didn't stop at on one of the Celebration Tours. We arrived a little too late on a Sunday afternoon to see most of the shops, but we found a few that were open and mostly just enjoyed the stroll up and down the streets and the chance to yack and catch up in person. I'll be seeing her (and staying in her guest room in my own house) in December in Dallas, but it was very fun to see her in Maine. I hope more Texas friends will do the same!

In this same shop, I treated myself to a cute brass pin in the shape of a moose!

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MEscire said...

Texas Theresa,

I love Hallowell. I grew up about 10 miles down river from it. Next time you visit, definitely try Slates restaurant.