Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/18/08 The Farmington Fair

Last year I attended the Farmington Fair for the first time (thanks, MRM!). I'm an expert at The State Fair of Texas, but this was a whole new world. I considered myself a beginner at Farmington Fair. This year I moved up to Advanced Beginner and actually worked at the fair!

Here I am with Andrea (who leads my church choir) volunteering in the St. Joseph's Food Booth at the fair.

Here are Jeremy and Claire (she's the head of religious education . . . I know her from being an on-call substitute for Sunday School) working in the back, doing all the cooking and most of the food prep.

Right out the window of the food booth, we could see the harness racing (and we don't have that at The State Fair of Texas!).

Every fair has its competitions: animals, cooking, canning, needlework and more. Farmington has its fair share, including cut flowers.

Ultimately, though, for some a fair is all about the Midway or the rides, but for me, it's about the food. Someone's planning on making A LOT of french fries during the one-week event.

MRM taught me last year that King and Queen fries are the best and she is sooooo right. I helped them make a tiny dent in this giant stack of sacks by eating a small order of fries.

They've got it all in this one booth. The cotton candy reminds me of Coney Island.

The Texas State Fair is famous for frying a lot of unique things. Both fairs have fried Oreos for sale.

But I know for certain that The State Fair of Texas doesn't have deep fried whoopie pies!

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