Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8/27/08 45 degrees and other numbers

45 degrees. We're not talking angles here, that was the temperature when I got up this morning! Yes, I got up a little earlier than usual, but it doesn't matter. It's AUGUST and the temperature was 45 degrees . . . Fahrenheit! In Dallas, yesterday's high was 96 and the low was 76. For us, the high was 74 and the low was 46. And today's low is going to be 45. Yup. It's Maine!

BTW, this is my 501st blog entry in "Life with the Mainiacs". That's a pretty cool milestone! And the travel blog is at 234 (fun number). That's a lot of blog entries in only 18 months of blogging. Here's to another 500!

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Marie Rose said...

That temp is depressing... just depressing! Hopefully it will clear up and warm up for a beautiful fall!