Friday, July 4, 2008

7/4/08 Independence Day Parade Anticipation

Happy Independence Day!! Happy 4th of July!

Farmington has a big parade today at 10:00am. I'm going to meet MRM at her favorite viewing location where she meets Kate and her kids every year. It's on the south end of campus near the end of the parade route, but there's a short stone wall that makes a great seat (don't have to bring your own chair) and it's in the shade. It's right near my office, so I know it's 8/10 of a mile. I figure it will take the same 20 minutes to walk to it that it takes to walk to my office, but alas, I am wrong. It takes much longer because there is so much foot traffic slowing down the sidewalks and so many obstacles blocking the sidewalks. It was a blast trying to get there.

This is in front of Pierce House, a retirement home on Main Street. They have a tent set up with chairs in it (it went up yesterday) that I thought was for the clients to have a good view of the parade. But in fact, it's for the annual strawberry shortcake sale by the local church. Proceeds this year are going towards the stained glass refurbishment project. I bet that is made with fresh local strawberries! (I intended to come back and have some but didn't make it.)

This couple brought their pets to watch the parade. That's a dog and a guinea pig! Look closely at the cage and you'll see the pet rodent in there.

I walked behind many strollers on my journey to the viewing location but this was my first triplet stroller. There are enough seats and sunshades in that thing for 3 babies to be seated comfortably!

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