Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/13/08 Yet More Theatre!

Andrea, the choir director at church, plays piano for many events in town including the summer musical theatre camp for kids. Rodney knew one of the participants and I'm always up for a musical, so we went to the Sunday matinee of Willy Wonka Jr. It was so well done and very fun. Apparently these "junior" plays are getting quite popular with children's theatre programs--they're scaled down versions (Reader's Digest versions?) with the same plot and all the music but simpler lines and choreography, etc. Andrea said the Into the Woods Jr. play is essentially the first act only of the original Into the Woods. I can handle this! It helps for the youngsters putting on the production but also for their friends and siblings in the audience. For those with short attention spans in the audience (grownups as well as children), this is a bonus.

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