Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/13/08 Field Activity Continues

More work in the field. But look how the strip they already harvested has started to grow back. So they alternate between cutting the stuff and baling it into traditional bales and baling it into those big round bales. I've learned the word "tedding" which is when they cut it and then spread it out for drying. It's been quite fascinating watching the process slowly but surely happen over a period of a few days. Those in the know have told me that they'll harvest this field two or three times in a single summer. That means I get to watch this and learn more about it some more! I have no desire to become a farmer or anything that rural, but I do find it all fascinating.

Dr. Theresa Overall
Assistant Professor
University of Maine at Farmington
Secondary/Middle Education Department
office: Education Center 220
phone: (207) 778-7049

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