Friday, May 2, 2008

5/2/08 You know you're a geek when . . .

So RBF's little brother emails and asks if we're going to watch Game #6 against the Hawks of the Celtics run for the championship. Sure! So he comes over a little before the game starts and we get to talking iPhones and MacBooks (we've done this before). The next thing you know, it's third quarter, MRM (in her Big Baby Davis #11 jersey) and RBF are waaaaay into the game, and Rodney and I are still talking iPhones and MacBooks. Now add Facebook to the mix and there's not enough time to cover it all. He and Melanie were talking about Myspace and she decided she wanted a Facebook account, too, so he sets up a Facebook account for her on her computer which is why we had a third MacBook at the table. My computer battery finally runs out of juice (I had my work computer at home) so I go get my home computer and we're up to 4 laptops and 2 iPhones at the table. Now there's a commercial break between the third and fourth quarters and MRM looks up and starts laughing. This is what she saw. Well, add another iPhone to the picture (it's not pictured in this photo 'cuz it's being used to take the photo) and you'll have an idea of what was going on. Where else would you have a 3:1 computer to geek ratio?

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