Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/13/2008 WOW! That's a lot of snow!

Are you tired of reading about snow yet? Folks around here are certainly tired of the snow! But today's storm looks like it's going to be the worst one of the season. When I woke up the flakes were coming down but also twirling down. It was cool looking but I don't know how it was working. There wasn't any significant wind, but the snow was falling in / from different directions. At first the flakes were the little ones. Then there were LOTS of little ones. Then they got fat and fluffy. But the whole time, they're just coming. Lots of snow. The University is closed as are all the schools in the area.

I'm sitting in my room with the blinds open just watching the snow pile up on the roof. Fortunately, MRM has a metal roof and it really has been working. Snow keeps sliding right off. But outside my window is the porch roof and it's not as slanted, so snow doesn't slide off of it as often, even with the metal roof. So I'm able to see snow accumulating outside my window.

In the last hour, it has turned to teeny tiny flakes with occasional ice pellets that I can hear and also see as they bounce off the roof. The prediction is that we'll get 8 inches of snow and then it will turn to ice/ rain/ freezing rain/ sleet. Oh joy.

There's a 4 foot tall chain link fence in the backyard. Only 8-12 inches of the top of the fence is visible. It's in an area where that height is not due to snow banks created by plowing or shoveling and it's not drifted snow up against the fence. That's over 3 feet of accumulated snow just in the past 2 months. This is a real winter. :-)

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