Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/12/2008 digging the car out . . . again

I teach a graduate course in a town called Dixfield on Tuesday nights. Last Tuesday's class was canceled because of bad weather. The class is held at the local high school and all the participants are teachers in the high school, middle school, or 2 elementary schools nearby. Since their district was closed due to bad weather, we didn't meet either.

So this week, both UMF and their school district were open, so class was on. It only took me 20 minutes to get the snow off my car and shovel around it so I could get out. But remember, that's after the 90 minute process Friday morning (only 4 days ago) and the digging out on the Saturday morning before that (6 days before that).

It was sunny and beautiful (really cold but in my car with the heater on, I just noticed sunshine and blue skies) on the drive to Dixfield and there were no winds. Yea. Apparently the day of the bad winds there were many accidents where people were literally blown off the highway. It's bad enough that the roads are icy, but when the wind blows you off the road, it doesn't matter what kind of traction you're getting. So I was very appreciative of sunshine and no wind.

But guess what . . . there's another storm coming tonight!

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