Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/10/2008 More Snow on Sunday

Today the snow is coming down like crazy. They're predicting 8 inches. Even the Mainiacs and the Mainers are complaining that it's too much snow. I personally still like it, even though it kept me from going to Boston Friday night. It's just so gorgeous and I love walking through a Christmas card anytime I go anywhere. Today it's the little snowflakes that come down really fast. No floating, they're dropping. Remember the old days of black and white TV without a remote control? When a station didn't come in well, you said it was "snow" on the screen? That's what this looks like.

I'm up at the University right now. Two of my students wanted to practice on the interactive white board before their presentation to the class tomorrow where they will demonstrate what it is, how it works, and how to use it in the classroom. Good plan except that the building is locked on Sundays and the equipment is locked in a storage closet always. So I told them I would meet them here and let them in. As they were setting up the equipment, Brandi told us that she'd been out in the snow all day. Apparently two of her friends put together a list for a digital camera scavenger hunt, then gathered 12 friends to join the fun. There were 4 teams of 3 and the list included: pictures of a snowman, a snow angel, your team playing sports in the snow but without the use of any sports equipment, your team crossing the street Abbey Road fashion, your team with a local celebrity, an employee at the fitness center in uniform, the front of every dorm on campus, and my favorite: there's an area in the Student Center in front of the dining hall nicknamed "The Beach"--you had to get a picture of your team on the beach . . . with all teammates dressed in true beach attire. What a great way to make sure you don't get cabin fever!

On the walk up here, I couldn't believe how much traffic there was and how many pedestrians there were. Then I figured out that they must've been at a caucus or campaign rally because lots of the pedestrians had posters in their hand. I'm guessing caucus. Today is Maine's caucus day. I'm not registered yet 'cuz I still haven't gotten my new driver's license (and I haven't registered my car because they have an excise tax and it's going to be over $400 for me to register my car here). But I will remedy that voter registration problem before the next election. I was sad, though, not to get to
see a real caucus. Everyone that was at church this morning was going. Of course, there weren't many at church. ;-)


Lindsay said... this a typo I see???

"sports in the snow but without the use of any sorts equipment, your..." ---Your typo friend! :)

TexasTheresa said...

Thanks, Typo Friend! You're my hero! (I fixed it now, so the typo is gone, but we'll leave the comments for posterity to know what happened here.)