Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunrise Service

I love the Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service! It's a 30-year tradition. The gathering is always in the same spot (a driveway of a family on Voter Hill....when the first family sold the house, the new owners inherited the privilege). Today started with clear but cold (22 degree) skies and a beautiful sunrise. Traditionally, there's a trumpeter for musical accompaniment and this year, we also had a bagpiper.

Each year, the local Christian congregations choose something for the service and lead it. It may be scripture, prayer, a relevant reading, music, etc. There is no 'overall' leader of the service. Each church will begin and lead their portion. "The pieces are unique but come together and make a truly moving ecumenical service." Just follow the program and the prayer and song magically happens.

There's the sun! Let the worship begin!

The opening song was presented by the "Easter Singers--an ecumenical chorus." That was new to me this year (I didn't make the last few years).

And after the service, we're all invited for light refreshments and fellowship inside the home of the family whose driveway we gather on. The family pretty much just lets the fellowship committee come in and take over the first floor of their home. By 8:00, everyone was gone and there was no sign that we had ever been there, due to a really good cleanup committee.

I met new people and chatted with some old friends. It was a glorious way to start Easter celebration!

...and then it snowed. As we were leaving around 7:45am, tiny snow flakes were starting to fall.

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