Saturday, November 17, 2012

Go Mount Blue!

Mount Blue Cougars, our local high school Football team, is in the playoffs tonight. Very exciting around town all week long. This sign has been sitting at the corner of Main Street and Broadway for a couple of days now. It's all anybody can talk about. The game, that is, not the sign.
I turned on the local radio station around 8:55 tonight and caught the last four minutes of the game. Oh my goodness! I'm not sure I could have handled listening to the whole game. The score was 44 to 35 in favor of Mount Blue. Then Marshwood made a touchdown and got the extra point. Now it was 44 to 42. Too close! Mount Blue had the ball and made a drive down the field but Marshwood stopped them on their own seven. With under two minutes left to play Marshwood fumbled and Mount Blue recovered! You should have heard the announcers on the radio. They went berserk! It was a very long two minutes as Mount Blue took a knee four times in a row to win the state championship.

Congratulations, Mount Blue cougars!

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