Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crazy weather . . . record-breaking crazy

In October, Maine broke its record for most snow in the month of October, according to the New England Post. It just took one storm to do it. I had about 7" of snow in my front yard. It was great! The Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There wasn't any school anyway--Thanksgiving vacation had already started. I was planning on staying home and getting work done, which I did. But it was a lot of fun to keep looking out the window and seeing snow falling. On Friday after Thanksgiving, it was still a perfect picturesque view out the window while I decorated the apartment for Christmas.

All my snow pictures start to look alike, don't they. There is one thing that's different in this photo. My car is not in the driveway . . . it's in the garage! The Landlords are spending a lot of time at their Florida home this winter and in exchange for taking care of my own trash, I get to park in the garage. It didn't take me long to decide to take them up on that offer!!

So after this "record-breaking" snowfall in October, guess what happened in November? Maine was the warmest state in the country. In November! Check out this map from The Weather Channel as seen in the Bangor Daily News. The warmest states in the country were Maine and Florida and Maine won. The 62 was in Bangor, Maine.

And according to the Portland Press Herald, it looks like November could break the record for warmest November. Crazy!

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