Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recycled Sled Contest

I saw this sign in the stairwell of my building last week.
Somehow I missed the first one last year, but I decided to attend this year! It was attended by a small but creative group of students. Here you can see two students riding their recycled sled down the hill by the amphitheatre (behind the student center).
I believe this is the sledder who used a snow shovel for her sled (the body in the foreground is a photographer).
This was constructed from a box that a mini-fridge came in (a dorm-sized refrigerator). That's a beaver (UMF's mascot) on it. One sledder used this as a sled with the beaver on the front and didn't get very far but the next sledder used the same sled but turned it 180 degrees and put the beaver on the back and was quite successful!

Cookies, music, warm beverages, and prizes -- it was quite a successful and very fun event.

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Anonymous said...

I love cookies! By the way, I shared wild blue berry with my officemates and they really like it! L.L. Bean is wonderful! --dake