Saturday, February 12, 2011

Portland Head Light in Winter

When we were at LL Bean, Dake bought postcards of Maine to take home as souvenirs. The very nice clerk asked her if she had actually seen any of the places on the postcards and Dake explained that she really hadn't had any time to do that but that she wanted to come back. The clerk said, "Well, you should at least see the Portland Head Light. It's not very far from here." Twice, I've been to Portland Head Light (one of many lighthouses in Maine), and both times, someone else was driving and it involved a lot of curvy roads through neighborhoods. So you can imagine that I was a little leary. The clerk assured me it wasn't difficult, so I let her give us directions which involved "The Million Dollar Bridge." After we left, Dake and I decided it was best to stick with our original plan and get her to the airport since I was unsure of this detour. But after I dropped Dake off at the airport, I decided to try the adventure. The directions worked! I think I could take you to the Portland Head Light if you came to visit me! (You better hurry though, 'cuz I'll forget pretty quickly.)

It was my first time there in winter. The gift shop wasn't open and the main parking lot wasn't plowed, but there were plenty of people walking around, braving the cold and soaking in the sight.

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Anonymous said...

Wow..... I missed it.-dake