Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Snows

It hasn't been much of a winter so far. Titcomb Mountain didn't even get to open until January 8 and missed the whole winter vacation opportunities. But we are making up for lost time, now. These are snow pics from February 2nd and February 5th. About 3 inches fell on February 1st, starting in the late afternoon. By 6am on the 2nd, the University announced it was closed for the day. Many more inches fell on Groundhog's Day. Below is a lazy person's version of time-lapse photography. Every couple of hours, I stuck my head out the door to the apartment and snapped a photo. You can't really tell much unless you look at the garden wall in the lower left corner of the picture. There's not much of it to see with all the snow, but as the day progresses, there's even less of it to see.

Photo 1: Feb. 2nd at 9:40am

Photo 2: Feb. 2nd at 11:20 am

Photo 3: Feb. 2nd at 1:20 pm

Photo 4: Feb. 2nd at 3:10pm

Photo 5: Feb. 3rd at 8:00am

Photo 6: Feb. 6th at 8:00am

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