Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/2/10 Chester Greenwood Day . . . a little early

It's the first Saturday in December and it's Chester Greenwood Day. WAIT! I don't have to write about it, I can send you to my friend's blogpost about it (and about me):

Wes Fryer is a hero of mine. I listen to his podcasts whenever I can. He knows everything about technology integration, or at least all the stuff I wish I knew. So getting to spend all day Thursday with him was like having my own private professional development day. It was awesome! As we (his delightful daughter Sarah was here, too) toured Farmington, we found $5 Chester Greenwood Day long-sleeved t-shirts on sale at Black Bear Graphics. Very fun. See Wes's post for a photo.


Amity said...

I would have loved to meet Wes in person. I saw your face on his blog! "Wow, that's MY TEACHER!!"

Next time you have fancy guests let us know :)

Wesley Fryer said...

How was the parade? Sarah and I passed out the shirts as "happys" last night and I think Alexander may have worn his to school today. She asked many people she met in Portsmouth on Saturday if they knew what day it was, and we even found her an appropriate pair of earmuffs to fully commemorate the day!

Thanks so much for a great visit last week! It was a whirlwind but super. I gave the survey instruments to Gerald this morning and he was thrilled. I'm working on editing the videos from the interviews this week and will (hopefully) be posting them soon.

You're very kind with your words. It was an amazing treat to get to spend time with you Wed evening and Thursday. Hope I can come back before long with more members of my family. :-)

Don't forget Pano!

TexasTheresa said...

Amity, How fun that you had that cool surprise. :-) It was a very cool experience for me. It was like having my own personal 1-to-1 professional development day!

TexasTheresa said...

Wes, The parade was great. I have photos but I haven't blogged about it yet. It was shorter this year than usual because the usual gathering place (elementary school parking lot) was unavailable (building a new elementary school building) and the alternate one (UMF parking lot) was much smaller. But it was still a great parade.

I'm so glad your "happys" were well received. I wore my shirt in Albuquerque when I visited my parents for Christmas and had a lot of explaining to do. :-) Well worth it.

My first Pano photo was of my Christmas tree. A bit of a challenge but very fun. Very cool software. Thanks again for everything!