Thursday, May 13, 2010

Texas Office

In honor of Dana, who was worried I was losing my ties to Texas, I am posting photos of my office at UMF which I believe will dispel her worries. You can take the woman out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the woman (and be sure to notice the bumper sticker on the west wall).

I didn't put a picture of the north wall, which is all bookcases. But I do have a section of books about Texas on my bookcase along with plenty of good UNT publications. Also, on the south side I have a little table and it's filled with Texas knick knacks. Don't Mess with Texas!

West Wall: To the left is the door into the office. The bulletin board looks a little junky but you should've seen it before I cleaned it up! When I put in the filing cabinet, I had to rearrange the bulletin board because part of it got covered up and part of it gets knocked down when you open the top drawer.

But don't worry about that. On this board you can see a picture of bluebonnets (the state flower) taken by my major professor, Gerald Knezek (from Texas), a few Texas postcards, a love note from Randall with a Texas picture on the front of the card, and above the bulletin board is "The Texas Timeline of Awesome Achievements and Events". Their words, not mine.


South Wall Left Side: UNT diploma and PhD tam (hat). On the right side of this picture is my "heirloom" birth certificate. It's a certified copy that is legal. When you get a copy of your certificate, you have a choice of a business copy (traditional, boring, 8.5" x 11") or an heirloom copy. This one was a 50th birthday gift from my mom and dad. How fun is that??!! I love it except for the fact that it's signed by my least favorite governor in the history of Texas. Oh well.


South Wall Right Side: Two UMF awards, a counted cross stitch made by my sister, a Hollins pendant that was my mom's from when she went there. The cool education art work was made by Tracey, a student of mine. And there are two awards that I've earned while at UMF. I guess this half of the wall isn't too much Texas (except for the edge of my heirloom birth certificate).


East Wall: There's a window on the right. So we've got the Texas flag quilt that my sister made and a pencil sketch of the Dallas skyline that Mary S. gave me before I left.


And though this isn't a photo of the office, I thought it appropriate to put here to prove I haven't lost my "Texas-ness". On the UMF Web site are profiles of students. In a Q&A format, they transcribe the interview with the student and you get to know each student and a little about them and a lot about UMF in the process. This is a part of Joel H.'s profile page.


These photos and descriptions were originally published on my Facebook photo page. But I can't really backup my photos and text from there in a way that is acceptable to me. So I'm copying and pasting the information to Blogger. It's still not as effective as I would like it to be, but for now, it's better than nothing.

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