Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/29 More Needhams and More

It's Needham making time again! Only in this photo, we are not making Needhams. This time we added toffee making to the agenda. Here is Karen following Sara's directions for toffee. You can't see the brown paper bag that is critical for successful toffee, but we had it out. We made two batches of toffee before we tackled the Needhams. The toffee turned out perfectly! Thank you Sara for the private tutorial session in Oregon back in January. It paid off!

We didn't do our usual Jackson Polock signature on the Needhams this time. There wasn't time. We did make a triple batch. Karen wanted to take hers to a convention she was going to in Boston. She was going to share a hotel room with 3 other women and she was taking Needhams for the slumber party crowd. I wanted to make some for my Our Cabana buddies who are having a reunion coming up. If I can't be there in person, i can be there in spirit AND in Needhams.

This was our third Needham event. We definitely have this down to a fine science. It's a blast. And now we know how to make yummy toffee, too. Who knows what we'll expand into next.

Karen's a blogger, too. Here's her much more detailed version of the story, including the toffee recipe:

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