Saturday, March 21, 2009

3/21/09 Maine's seasons

Today I posted this as my Facebook status: "Sunshine today, sunshine all week. yea! Of course it does mean melting snow and a great mud season. (Maine has 5 seasons.) But then comes spring and summer."

I then received the following comments:

Misty: Technically, it's winter, mud season, black fly season, summer, fall ... no spring. But it sure is beautiful through all of them, whatever they are called, isn't it!

Wendy: 4 seasons - winter, mud, 4th of July, construction....repeat

Elizabeth: When I lived in Vermont I was amazed to discover this entire season that we missed out on in Texas!

Cassie: Back in the County we have two seasons - winter and potato season :)
[Note, the reference to "The County" is Aroostok County, which is the largest, northernmost county in the state. They're famous for their potatoes and very cold winters.]

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the four seasons of Maine are Winter, Mud, Black Fly, and Tourist.