Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13/08 Weather Update

My dad has officially posted a comment on my blog! This is noteworthy. I'm so excited to know my dad reads my blog. And his comment is so dad-like: "On 11/29 you PROMISED to stop talking about the snow. You haven't done it and now my feet are cold all the time! :<("

Ooops. Sorry Dad. And sorry to anyone else who's reading this and wishing I'd quit talking about the weather. I really didn't expect to blog about weather so much but it just has me fascinated. And this week is really doing it. Here are the stats--temps are from Weather Underground:

Monday 12/8: hi-19, lo-5, no precipitation
Tuesday 12/9: hi-28, lo-3, about an inch of snow
Wednesday 12/10: hi-55, lo-30, lots of rain
Thursday 12/11: hi-28, lo-21, snow started around 4 and kept going through the night
Friday 12/12: hi-33, lo-21 precipitation-at least 6 inches of snow before sleet and rain started

From 3 degrees to 55 degrees in 24 hours. What a hoot.


Cassie said...

Just to add to your fascination of Maine weather, you should try following the weather in Madawaska as well or Caribou and compare it to Farmington. The difference between the two parts of Maine always surprises me. Madawaska made it to -45 degrees Fahrenheit over break! And that's without windchill added in. Also, I love your explanation of what makes a Maniac. Since I'm the twelfth generation in Maine, I think I may qualify. Though interestingly, I'm now almost treated as "from away" when I go back to The County because I speak differently from being downstate most of the year. I have to fake a Valley accent to fit in again!

Lindsay said...

Hey, where have you been? I know you've been doing something interesting since the middle of December. :-P