Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25/08 first REAL snow

On Monday afternoon, as planned, I left Grace's at 5:00 (okay, the plan was between 4 and 4:30, but close enough) and headed to New Hampshire. I tried to stop at the mall in York to go to the Apple Store, but could not find it, so I just headed to the airport and arrived exactly on time to meet Rodney outside security. I presented him with a little balloon shaped like a snowflake and said, "Here's your first snowflake in Maine. May you have much snow for good skiing while you're here, but may you not see your next snowflake until after we get safely to Farmington."

Even though it was 20 minutes out of the way, we went back to the mall and actually found it this time. It was more fun to go to The Apple Store with a fellow MacFanatic anyway, so I'm glad it worked out the way it did. I bought a new laptop! My 4 year old (plus 3 months) laptop is still cranking, but it is slow and the hard drive is full (just of applications . . . I took all the data off and put it on an external source many ages ago) and it's just past due. I'm very excited!

After dinner at the mall food court, we headed back to Farmington. We arrived just after midnight and when we got out of the car, snowflakes were coming down. Oh yes! Mother Nature is so good to me!

This morning, this was the scene outside my apartment. It must've snowed most of the night (early morning).

9:00am, 11:00am, last 2 at 1:15pm

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