Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10/29/08 First Snow!

It wasn't very big and it wasn't the first time snow was predicted, but it doesn't matter. Today was our first snow! Tiny pieces of snow (I'm not even sure they were big enough to call flakes) were falling from the sky. One of my students got a text message during class (around 2:00) that it was snowing. We couldn't see it out the window and when class was over (2:20), we couldn't see it outside. But later (4:00) someone came in the building and said it was snowing. Then at 4:45, Grace, who had gone power-walking, came in with the same report. She also said it was really cold and windy. I had walked to school this morning but was not dressed for that kind of walk home. So Grace gave me a ride home which meant I actually left the office before sunset. In the parking lot and on the drive home, I could definitely see the snow for myself.

It was a VERY short autumn. But I think that officially closes the autumn season here. :-)

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