Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/12/08 Gifford's last week

JUST as I was taking this photo, they turned the lights out on the sign. So I'll tell you what this is a picture of. ;-) It's the Gifford's ice cream store and the sign says, "7 days until closing". This is one of the last seasonal ice cream stores to close for the season. They get a LOT of busloads of peepers through the autumn leaf-peeping season. Farmington is just a little past peak now, so the buses will stop coming through soon.

Last week the sign said "apple sundae" which means vanilla ice cream with homemade apple pie filling on top. I knew I wanted to stop and have some of that. But I didn't get by last week and tonight when I stopped in, they were out of that. But they did have apple pie ice cream so I got that. Oh yummmm! They ground up apple pie filling and a sweet crust-like crumble and put it in their award-winning ice cream. AND it was the special flavor of the week so I saved 50 cents. I hope I can stop by one more time before the 7 days are up. I'll even pay full price! Supposedly on the weekend (their last 2 days) they offer "buy 1 get 1 free" so I need to find someone to go with me. Of course, there is the alternative. ;-)

And then Gifford's will close and winter won't be far behind. Sometime in March the Gifford's sign will change from "closed for the season" to "opening day [insert date here]". That first Friday night they have free ice cream. I've never been but I hope to make it this time. 2009!

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