Sunday, September 28, 2008

9/28/08 Needhams

Just when I think I'm aware of all things uniquely Maine, I find out about another thing: Needhams. They're a potato candy made with Maine potatoes???? I saw it on FB (of course) 'cuz it was a blog entry imported into FB by my friend Michael Johnson. I went and read his blog:

(Be sure to check out the artwork at the bottom.) After reading about how to make them yourself, I'm pretty sure I'll just be admiring those who make 'em and won't be trying to make 'em myself.

I commented on Michael's blog that I thought I had heard of all things Maine and wouldn't have anything to blog about after a while and he then sent me this link:

I want to go to this shop when I go back to Acadia. I definitely missed this somehow.

So I look forward to trying these out. I love all things potato, so I can't imagine not liking potato candy. Chocolate isn't my favorite, so I'll avoid the dark chocolate ones and look for white chocolate or try the ones covered in almonds. But still! Who would've guessed you could make candy out of mashed potatoes. I can't wait until I "just need a Needham."

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