Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9/24/08 Maine Foliage Report

Excerpts from my weekly email from the State's Department of Conservation

Autumn Arrives and Maine’s Foliage Color Spreads South

AUGUSTA, Maine – Right on cue, Maine’s fall foliage has had a burst
of emerging color according to the Department of Conservation’s third
foliage report of the season.

Hard frosts during the past week and a stretch of sunny days have
weakened leaves and allowed more of their hidden colors to show. The
cold evening temperatures have not damaged the foliage as every
region of the state still has very low leaf drop.

The Fish River Scenic Byway along Route 11 in Aroostook County will
have great color for a weekend drive, and it’s the perfect time to
hike or fish at Aroostook State Park in Presque Isle.

Baxter State Park, the lakes between the park and the town of
Millinocket, and the Moosehead Lake region are also best bets for
leaf peepers during the next week. The northern portion of the Old
Canada Road National Scenic Byway in Somerset County is another
touring route with good color.

If it weren't raining, I'd be out driving some of these places!!

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