Friday, September 19, 2008

9/19/08 Yep. First Freeze

It's the end of a season. This morning when I got up at 7:00am, the outside temp was 34. You know it was colder than that earlier in the day, before the sun rose. It was all of 36 when I left the house at 8:30. I gave myself permission to wear a coat . . . a short coat (no WAY is it time for the long coat). I didn't see anyone else with short coats on. Jackets and hoodies, but no real coats. I do have a warm jacket that I could've warn except it was in my office where I wore it one chilly morning and then it was balmy when I left for home and I forgot it. Now I have two warm jackets at school. I hope I remember to bring them home.

So summer is really truly, for real, over. We may get some warm days but that would be Indian Summer and really a part of autumn, right? And now, I need to go to Ashley's to get my fall and winter clothes and take all those short-sleeved cotton blouses out of the closet. I have so little closet space here, that when I was telling a group of friends I was going to have to buy one of those clothes racks on wheels and set up a yard sale in my bedroom to hold all my clothes, Ashley offered me storage space in her basement. Now that's a real friend! So I have to drive 3 miles to her place, pick up some winter clothes (I probably won't bring out the Christmas apparel or the long coat yet), come back to the house, swap out enough clothes to create closet space without a need for that clothes rack, put those clothes in the storage bags that the winter ones are in now, and then take the spring and summer clothes to Ashley's basement. Or I could invest money in more storage bags, put the spring and summer clothes in those ahead of time, and make one trip to Ashley's basement. But then again, I'd have to find a place to store the extra storage bags. Oh the dilemma! ;-)

The good news is, the weather is fabulous. I love Autumn and I get to have a real one here in Maine.

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