Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8/6/08 Singing in the Rain

We didn't go to Boston today. It was too rainy. In fact, that's all it's been doing is rain. If it had been drizzly or gray (which we've had plenty of as well), we might have gone, but the drive was supposed to be part of the fun and in this kind of rain it seemed pointless to set out on a less-than-safe trip of 8 hours on rain-slick highways.

What to do instead? We went through many many alternatives and then decided to watch a movie. Went to the video store, had one in hand, looked at others, thought of some that they didn't have available, and then ended up watching this one. How perfect is that?!

It turns out that Rodney had never seen Singing in the Rain, so I was double thrilled that not only was it the perfect movie for today but that he could now cross this off his list of movies every person should see.

Then we watched Fever Pitch. How could Mr. Red Sox never have seen that one?! It was fun to watch that one again as a new Red Sox fan.

Here's the scary part. We stopped at the grocery store to get the perfect snack for movie watching in today's weather: hot chocolate and marshmallows. Yes, it's actually that cold and damp here. Yesterday I had to wear a fleece jacket and today I broke down and wore a sweatshirt. I'm actually liking that aspect of the weather. It's August and Dallas has had 22 days over 100 degrees at last count (that was a few days ago). And I'm wearing jackets and sweatshirts in August. I am a happy woman.

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Anonymous said...

I would feel positively in heaven if I were wearing long sleeve shirts, pull-overs, and jackets! Instead, the weather here matches the one back in your home state of Texas, but then, again, its only a stone's throw across the Gulf! =( I dared the weather to change by pulling out a lightweight long sleeve shirt whilst it was raining a bit the other weekend - no ONE understood why someone would wear that in AUGUST, if you live in the South! I tried to explain I was hoping for an early Winter... I think it fell on deaf ears... please enjoy the bliss of Autumn for me!