Friday, August 1, 2008

8/1/08 Free Food at the Maine Lobster Festival

It began to feel like we were at Costco on a Saturday afternoon. There were free samples of food and beverage all over the place. When we first walked in the gate, there was a booth of Vermont-based Cabot Cheese samples. I got to try some new flavors without having to buy a whole package. Here, Ann and Ashley are drinking free Starbucks. To the left, under the yellow tent, is free Lay's potato chips.

Fried dough! Not just fried dough, but FREE fried dough! I've only ever had the choice of powdered sugar or cinnamon & sugar. Here we had sauces and fruit as well. This very nice lady (we chatted with her for quite a while) told us her favorite was maple syrup sauce and powdered sugar. She then made up a batch of that and put it out for us to try. Mmmmmm. She was right. That was quite delicious.

"Try it before you buy it" beef jerky:

Kettle Corn is Ashley's favorite part of any fair or festival. She bought a whole bag and shared, but we took some free samples anyway:

Fruit sauces and chutneys:

Samples of homemade fudge:

This booth was run by a husband wife team. She sells blueberry jam and he sells pottery decorated in a blueberry theme. I actually bought one of his coffee cups for my apartment. Ashley asked why a woman who doesn't drink coffee would want a coffee cup, especially since I'm also a woman who doesn't cook and she knows I don't know how to make coffee. But I'm creative and use coffee cups for multiple things. And if I ever have a guest who wants tea, I can use a coffee cup to serve tea. (I do know how to serve tea . . . boil water and hand the guest a box of tea bags and a cup.)

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