Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7/29/08 A walk in the park

enny and Elphius (Elf) wanted to go for a walk in the dog walking park in Farmington. (I think that's it's unofficial name, it's just the big field behind the movie theatre where everyone goes to the trail around the field to walk their dogs). So their owner called (MRM) and asked if I wanted to go. This is the beauty of a summer day in Maine at sunset that is literally outside my door.

This is the Sandy River . . . the same one I look at from my verandah when looking across the field, in fact, this is that same field.

Queen Anne's Lace:

The flowers are closing up as they do every night. This one is still open and you can see the purple center that they all have.

This is the opposite of most verandah pictures . . . in this one I'm in the field looking up at the verandah instead of the other way around!

My house is the one in the middle:

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