Thursday, June 19, 2008

6/19/08 they're not shopping carts . . .

I came "home" to Maine on Tuesday night, the 19th, and caught my ride on Mermaid Transportation without a hitch. My driver dropped me off at the Park 'n Ride in Biddeford and there was my car, waiting for me, courtesy of Grace and her parents who babysat (carsat) for me while I was gone. Then I drove to Old Orchard Beach and Grace and I worked all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. We got a LOT of work done including data analysis and paper writing for our proposal for SITE 2009, and agenda planning and research for the Tools Retreat in August. We treated ourselves to an afternoon of fun for our reward. First on the list was a trip to The Christmas Tree Shoppe for goodies for my new apartment. Check out the sign in the parking lot. Well, first notice that the parking area for shopping carts is covered . . . that's pretty cool and in winter that means your carts aren't covered in snow. But notice that the sign says, "Please return carriages here". Carriages? Even Grace, a true Mainer, calls them shopping carts. At The Christmas Tree Shoppe in Augusta, they call them carts. But someone somewhere calls them carriages and it's someone important enough to determine verbiage on the sign!

Dr. Theresa Overall
Assistant Professor
University of Maine at Farmington
Secondary/Middle Education Department
office: Education Center 220
phone: (207) 778-7049

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