Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5/6/08 Border Patrol

I came out of WalMart tonight and saw this truck parked next to my car. Now it's going to take you longer to read what I was thinking than it actually took for me to think it. It only took less than a second, but this is the order of my thoughts: "Border Patrol?! Wow. They're far from home (thinking of the Texas Border Patrol that patrols the Texas/Mexico border). Oh wait! There's another border! This must be the Maine/Canada Border Patrol." I figured it out right away, but I cracked up that my initial thought was still a Texas reaction. The Texas border is 7 hours (shortest trip) from Richardson where I lived. The Canadian border is only 2 hours away from Farmington. And yet when I think border, I think of the Texas/Mexican border.

LOL! The first time I wrote this I actually wrote, "This must be the Texas/Canada Border Patrol." That's gotta be some kind of Freudian slip. Fortunately, Lindsay caught it. So I fixed it on 5/11/08, but I wanted to hold on to the original notion, too. :-)

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Lindsay said...

Umm...shouldn't it be the Maine-Canadian border not the Texas-Canadian border? Just a point of grammar from your fellow Grammar Girl listener!