Monday, May 19, 2008

5/19/08 Eating Fiddleheads

My first meal in my new apartment and I cooked those fiddleheads! I decided on the boiling recipe that was in the newspaper article. Frank Buckley said he boiled them for a few minutes, then removed all the brown stuff that is a part of the plant (Kathy told me it just comes off in the water and she was right) and then boiled for a few more minutes until done. Eeek. How do you tell when it's done? Well Mary told me that it's like any vegetable and you can eat it raw (some people eat it on their salads raw), al dente, lightly firm, or mushy. So I figured it didn't really matter.

Here's the finished product. There's still some brown on there but I got it all off. Look at the different colors of green depending on how long it's been cooked. They were delicious! I had enough to last for 3 meals, which Frank said he prefers to cook a big batch and then reheat them in small batches, so that's what I did. A little butter and salt and I was a happy camper.

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