Saturday, May 17, 2008

5/17/08 Graduation

Today is graduation day! I missed last year's graduation because I hurried home to Dallas to attend my own graduation. So this is my first UMF graduation. Some of the students I had in spring 2007 semester are graduating today. At the last minute, the call was made that graduation would be indoors. It's a tough call to make when the weather is being iffy but I certainly understand. Here you see faculty gathering underneath the tent outside the Fitness Center:

Those are the bagpipers who led the procession and are now on the stage while everyone marches in:

I'm about to sit in the second row behind these faculty:

That's Dave on the first row who is on the University Culture Committee with me. He teaches chemistry.

Just as Dave takes my picture, my tam (hat) starts to fall off, so this is an action shot of me trying to save my tam.

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