Friday, May 16, 2008

5/16/08 outside my new digs

Here are views of the porch and from the porch. The green tarp is over the lawn mowers--that's only temporary. The 4 chairs and table are provided by the landlords. What a deal!

That's the Sandy River way down there. The field in front of it (the river bank/floodplain) is nicknamed The Dog Walking Park and I can see all the dogs and dogwalkers from my porch. You can also see "The Highway," the lawn, and Darlene's vegetable garden (she promised me green beans and tomatoes through the summer...I didn't harvest any rutabaga even though she told me I could).

Notice the crabapple tree on the right of the house in full bloom. There's a closeup of it in the next photo. Yes, it's the end of May and fruit trees are just blossoming.

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