Saturday, April 12, 2008

Make your own springtime

There's still a lot of snow on the ground, but it's amazing how much has melted already. Two weeks ago, when I was walking home from school, I wouldn't be able to tell if either of the cars were in the driveway because the piled up snow in the yard was taller than the cars. Now, there are even places where I can see the ground! (Especially where MRM and her neice and nephew built a fort.)

So in honor of spring that's already here on the calendar but not in the local scenery, I changed my blog background to have a springtime look. One of my EDU 101 students (Rachel L.) showed me a cool website that has hundreds of free templates for Blogger, MySpace, etc. Always learning new stuff!

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Anonymous said...

The ~Spring~ theme really jazzs up your space and makes it feel fresh for the new Season! =) That's a great site you've been referred too for templates! Had I kept my blog here, I would have used them! =) I *loved* the themes that empathized lightning, the docks with the streetlight, and the fractuals! =)