Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/19/2008 Happy Spring Break!!

It's spring break! I'll be on the road, so switch over to my travel blog to keep up with my adventures--I'll be on Long Island and then in Fort Lauderdale. I hope to come back to blooming flowers, but you never know. Before I left town, I stopped at the credit union to get some cash. They were having a snow lottery! Be the person who correctly picks the day on which there will no longer be any snow on the credit union property and you win a gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant and two movie passes!

PS This is blog entry #350 just in "Life with the Mainiacs" blog! Congratulations to me. I personally would never have guessed that I would've been writing this long or made so many entries. And I never would've guessed I would've had so many different blogs. Just goes to show, "You never know."

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