Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4/16/2008 Symposium!

A really great event at UMF is Symposium. It started as a single day and is becoming a bigger event each year. This year marks the 10th Symposium. It's a time for students to showcase and share their research and creative works in a setting similar to professional conferences. Classes are canceled for the day and everyone goes to presentations all day long instead.

I'm on the University Culture Committee and one of its charges is to organize and carry out Symposium. There are programs to print, refreshments to order, rooms to organize, volunteers to recruit . . . all in all, it's a big day and a big job. Fortunately, there's a fabulous committee to work with and we pulled it off.

Here's a group of interested faculty and students interacting with students who are sharing their work in poster sessions. There are also paper sessions where students present in a more formal fashion to an audience.

This year we had t-shirts made for all presenters and their faculty sponsors--a first!

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