Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3/11/08 souvenirs for my students

When I was in Vegas, I held my graduate class "long distance" using Skype software across the Internet. It was pretty fun and a very good thing to do for a class called "Communication Tools for Teaching and Learning." During the Skype chat, one of them said, "Now you know we all love souvenirs." Oh golly gee. Now what?!

That night at dinner (it was Tuesday night...check the Vegas blog for details), I told all my friends what the students had said. Some of us had just received our beverages and these cute palm trees were in the fruit. Someone suggested that I collect palm trees as my souvenirs. Fortunately, I have really great friends who were willing to make the sacrifice for my students and helped me collect 14 of these. My students were appropriately appreciative of the sacrifice made by my friends on their behalf.


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