Saturday, February 9, 2008

2/9/2008 Cross Country Skiing!

My first time to cross country ski. MRM invited me and very patiently
taught me and coached me. We did "The Airport" first (an old landing
strip, so you know it's nice and flat and straight . . . great for a
first timer like me). Then a little "terrain". I definitely prefer
having the tracks to keep me on "the straight and narrow". But
"downhill" was pretty fun! I learned to herringbone and when we got
to a bigger hill and herringbone wasn't working for me, I resorted to
that really old fashioned way where you turn your skis perpendicular
to the direction you're moving and go "sideways" up the hill. In the
middle of doing that I had this amazing flashback to when I was about
5 and my parents took my sister and I skiing on the slopes at Santa
Fe, New Mexico. We lived in Santa Fe way back then. I was barely old
enough to remember it. I think the only skiing we did that day was
from the ski rental shop to the lodge where the hot chocolate was.
But it was uphill from the ski rental shop, so we did that
perpendicular climb the whole way. LOL! I hadn't thought of that in a
bazillion years. Today's climb was much easier than that one and the
whole experience was really fun. And I didn't fall down!

[Photo note: Warm hat and great mittens courtesy of Greg back in Texas who loaned me all kinds of warm winter attire from his days at Xavier University in Cincinnati and other cold places he lived before moving to Texas.]

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