Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2/6/2008 Morning Snow

I woke up this morning to beautiful snow flakes. LOTS of big puffy snow flakes coming down. Here's the house across the street. It's "the other" yellow house on the street. Look at the windows and the door. See all those white spots? Those are snow flakes. Think how big and puffy they have to be to be able to see them from across the street. Also note the Christmas wreath on the front window, but look at the mailboxes in the back. See the four black mailboxes next to the back staircase? Underneath them is a red heart-shaped wreath for
Valentine's Day. I love a house that celebrates dual holidays!

Many school districts were closed yesterday. Today all were open. Big mistake. They almost all closed at noon. One district picked up the students in the buses and the kids never got off. The buses turned right back around and took everyone home. On the bottom of the television screen you can watch the school and business closing announcements. That district came up and instead of saying "2 hour delay" or "closing at 10am", their announcement said, "All schools closing NOW." Capital letters and all. ;-)

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