Thursday, February 28, 2008

2/26 - 2/27/2008 Snow Update

I know you're tired of reading about it, but it's just fascinating. Tuesday night they were predicting a really bad storm. They even canceled after-school activities at most districts. And after about 6 hours of snow, there was barely a dusting on the ground. I went to bed around 9:30pm 'cuz I had driven from Manchester NH airport the night before and didn't get in until the wee hours of the morning. So of course, that means at 2:00 in the morning, I'm wide awake because I had a good night's sleep. I looked out the window in the darkness and there was at least a foot of snow on top of all the cars! Sure enough, after I went back to sleep and woke up for the second time that morning, I measured the snow on top of the car (stuck my hand down in it) and it was over 8". That's unofficial and not an accurate place to measure, but it's convenient. Everyone around town's been saying it was 12".

I'm telling you, it's getting D E E P around here! MRM finally had to pay someone with a snow plow to come and clear the driveway because it was too much snow and no place to put it. One of my students from last semester sent me an email in which he said, "So is the real winter to your liking? They say it classifies as # 15 for the worst winters of all time recorded here in Maine. I guess that means you got to see a real winter before you went home so I can stop praying for snow now :) "

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