Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1/30/2008 Slippery When Wet

Last night the weather forecasters were saying it was going to rain overnight but be below freezing so roads would be icy. They forgot to warn about sidewalks! Actually, by the time I was walking to campus, the rain was drizzling and the roads were clear. The sidewalks had ice on them from before (melted snow that froze in place). Now there's water on top of the ice. Eeeegads! Picking up an ice cube that falls out of the freezer is hard enough, but picking a wet ice cube out of your glass of water is nearly impossible. That's what the sidewalk was like.

I took one spill not too far from the house. I don't think I broke anything (in my book bag or in my purse or in my body) but I did have a nice cold spot on my pants. I bet I "almost fell" three more times before I finally decided to just walk in the road. Getting hit by a car seemed much less likely than falling again.

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Anonymous said...

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