Friday, December 28, 2007

12/26/2007: Balmy Christmas

So I came to Albuquerque for Christmas to visit my parents and spend some time in the sunshine and warmth of the Southwest. I arrived Christmas day and spent the afternoon wrapping presents (can't take them wrapped through security at the airport and they even recommend you don't wrap them in your checked baggage). Everyone else is unwrapping gifts; I'm wrapping. Why be ordinary, eh? ;-)

So Today, December 26, we celebrated Christmas. The temperature range today in Albuquerque was a high of 34 and a low of 16. Guess what . . . back in Farmington the low was only 19 and the high was 39! It was warmer in Maine than in New Mexico! Good thing I brought my long coat. :-)

I hope to get caught up on posting to the blog while I'm here "on vacation". I've got photos from the past 3 months and lists of things to write about. It's really hard to go back and get caught up. My New Year's resolution is to not get this behind again.

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